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What if you accomplished more with less effort?

Most of us are stressed on some level, it’s the result of being human in the modern world. It’s why the tips and practices of the ancient yogis are more important than ever to apply in our daily lives. Easeful Living is the result of consistently applying conscious habits in alignment with time.

Your life is made up of moments strung together.

Are you truly as present as you want to be

The systems of yoga and Ayurveda teach us how to focus on what matters most. Healthy habits span beyond your green smoothie and morning sun salutations. When we are aligned with the circadian rhythm of nature what we experience is greater EASE or the “absence of difficulty or effort”. When we are out of alignment, we experience dis-EASE.

Being out of alignment or out of sync is the first phase of disease. The pre-fix “dis” means “apart” or having a “reversing impact”. The Easeful Living Community is committed to helping you reclaim your health and overall wellness to live in greater alignment with nature. This level of self care is a preventative approach to healthcare and is a nominal investment in your future Self.

Your habits shape your future and your health.

Do you like where you’re headed?

This Habit Conscious Tribe is for...

Working Peeps

You work 8-5 or later. You tend to put work before a walk, yoga or meditation and you commonly forget to pack a lunch and use it as an excuse to eat out with a co-worker or potential client. You tend to define your success by how busy you are and know on a deeper level you need tools so you aren't so "spent" at the end of the day. Let the systems of yoga + Ayurveda support you in maximum productivity while you return to taking care of yourself - one step at a time.

Moms + Dads

There is no vacation from parenthood and you are on call 100% of the time. Do you have the tools to show up patient and present? Do you put off taking care of yourself and prioritize everyone else? You might even feel guilty for taking care of yourself instead of being with your family. Implement simple steps to upgrade your self care and feel the ripple in the overall health of your family. Check it out, get inspired and role model a healthy lifestyle for your kids and your community.

Nature Lovers

Do you find spending time outdoors rejuvenating? What if you were able to tap into that feeling you get when you're watching the sunset on a more regular basis? Shift the rest of your life into greater alignment with the circadian rhythms and access more energy, deeper sleep and more clariy. Apply simple and practical tips to align your overall life with the kind of ease you experience being in wild places.

Yoga Teachers

You likely work more than one job to keep yourself in business. You love teaching, but some days the combination of work and teaching leaves you exhausted. Get easy access and affordable professional development, but also change your own life and the lives of the people who come to your classes. How cool would that be?

Yoga Students

You know the personal benefits of yoga on your body, mind, and spirit. There's a part of you that knows there's more, but you aren't ready for a teacher training and 2-3 classes a week is all you've got in you. Let the systems of Ayurveda inspire and motivate your life in the same way yoga on the mat has. Watch your practice and your life evolve with some simple tips.

Refine the flow of your life and enjoy more ease and less stress.

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Connect with Your Tribe

Tap into a world of connection, accountability, support, and traction on your journey. Engage in our private forum to get answers to your burning questions, share epiphanies and insights and grow with a community of like-minded seekers on the path towards greater ease in life.

Live Monthly Master Class

Join Rachel Peters, Founder and Resident Yoga Health Coach for monthly LIVE coaching, Q+A and workshops. We’ll dive into hot topics that will support your journey towards easeful living. All calls are recorded and available in the Members Hub.

Weekly Strategies + Inspiration

Download seasonal recipes, tip sheets or tap into the wealth of audios, videos, and blog content to discover habits, practices and daily approaches that resonate with you.

Resources Library

All LIVE calls are recorded and the weekly tips and strategies are organized in a growing library of resources. Browse around to see what resonates and pick and choose what might serve you. Whether it’s recipes, videos, or tip sheets related to the season you can find the latest and greatest.

Surprise Bonuses + Gifts

Rachel enjoys giving gifts. While the community grows and evolves, it’s common to receive additional surprises on the path. Maybe it’s a surprise guest to a Master Class, added content and or member challenges and giveaways of sweet products and books. Members also receive additional discounts to retreats and certain workshops and immersions hosted by Rachel.  

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Tap into a community of like-minded individuals who are eager to learn, discover and lean-in to an evolving conversation around upgrading their lives through lifestyle, yoga + ayurveda and habit evolution.

TAP into a community of like-minded individuals who are eager to learn, discover and lean-in to an evolving conversation around upgrading their lives through lifestyle, yoga + ayurveda and habit evolution.

What Others Are Saying

“Working with a group helps to recharge my commitment to myself. The strength of connecting with others grounds me in living my habits and reaching my goals.” -Nancy

“My top three reasons for working with a group vs on my own when it comes to mindful habits and their impact on shaping my Best Life: 1. Positive reinforcement 2. Strength in numbers/Tribal connection 3. Forum for troubleshooting/Sharing ideas. Achieve your goals sooner! Lean in!” -Marie

“I stick to my habits best when I am being held accountable by a group of other folks who are working on the same things. It is incredibly helpful to feel the support of the group and to realize each individual is facing challenges and overcoming them in their own way. By working with others, I see different ways of addressing challenging habits and learn from their successes.” Libbey

“Thanks to Rachel and the group support, I’ve realized I’m never too old to learn how to live a better, healthier, more intentional life.  Self love has allowed me to help and love others better. This feels easier, than ever before.”

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